A Guide to the Best Volumizing Shampoo

Most people want thicker hair, even men and women who already have hair with volume. Thick hair not only has a nicer appearance, it often equates to healthy hair. For someone with thinning hair, a search begins to find products and treatments that would give hair more density. Although there is always the more drastic measures such as hair transplant or restoration surgery used in severe cases, milder problems using the best volumizing shampoo usually proves beneficial.

Fine Hair

The biggest challenge for people is that the market is flooded with products such as this, all claiming to be the best available. Because of this, most people find it difficult to choose an effective product versus one that is nothing more than a waste of money. The good news is that there are several types of volumizing shampoos that work well and with the information provided in this article, choosing the best product should be much easier.

How Shampoos Work

Before we offer suggestions on actual brands deemed to be among the best for volumizing hair, it would help to learn how shampoos of this type work. Shampoos sold as volumizing or hair thickening products are made with a special formula that actually increases the level of moisture around hair follicles and cuticles. As a result, the actual hair shaft becomes larger than usual, creating the appearance of having thicker hair.

In other words, while the best volumizing shampoo would thicken hair, it is sort of an illusion. That said, however, shampoo products made with certain ingredients have been shown to work best in that along with plumping up hair shafts, these products actually make y0ur hair healthier. As a result, you will often sees an improvement in texture. The ingredients that are the most beneficial include collagen, keratin, emollients, protein, and vitamin B5.

Best Shampoo

Years ago, there were few options for shampoo products of this type but today, because of increasing demand and need, many excellent brands exist. Even with so many options for for volumizing shampoo now available, it is essential to choose a product from a trusted resource. In addition, while higher priced products are typically higher quality and more effective, there are exceptions to the rule.

For example, there are a number of volumizing products sold that cost very little but do a much better job than some of the higher dollar items. Remember, when it comes down to finding the best quality volumizing shampoo, price is not the determining factor, ingredients are. For this reason, by researching ingredients found in the better quality products it becomes easier to separate good from bad products.

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We would also like to point out that many experts agree the best shampoo is made with organic or 100% natural ingredients. These products contain no harmful chemicals so overall, they promote healthy hair and scalp in a more efficient manner. As promised, some of the products considered to be among the best have been listed below to help you get started in the right direction.

Top Shampoo Choices

Because people have different hair types and face different problems, the volumizing shampoo would be unique to each person. Even so, there are certain brands that have received rave reviews, which include those listed below.

  • Aussie Moist Shampoo – Sold in virtually every grocery store, drug store, and retail store, this particular brand is extremely affordable and it has become a top choice for people who want thicker looking hair. This particular shampoo also has a formula that makes it a great choice for color treated, processed, and even frizzy hair.
  • Herbal Essence Body Envy – Another one of the best products available that is extremely affordable, this one is actually lightweight yet it produces the desired results.
  • Aveda Pure Abundance – Although a little higher priced than the other two, this is yet another shampoo that both men and women can use to achieve hair that looks and feels healthier and thicker.
  • Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo – This particular brand has grown dramatically popular since first being launched simply because all of the products are of the highest quality and work amazingly well.
  • Oscar Blandi Pronto – This shampoo may be one of the newest available but when it comes to adding volume to hair and purifying, it is rated as one of the best. As a bonus, this shampoo leaves hair smelling fresh with a soft lemon scent.