How to Choose the Best Shampoo for Curly Hair

People with curly hair are actually blessed although some may not agree. When curly hair is under control and in healthy condition it is simply gorgeous and versatile but unfortunately, problems with frizz, dryness, damage, and dullness are common. Rather than hate having this type of hair, there is a simple and affordable solution in the form of the best shampoo for curly hair.


Understanding Curly Hair

Since curly hair is often dry, brittle, and prone to frizz, special shampoo and conditioner is essential. To purchase an appropriate shampoo for curly hair an individual would first need to understand hair of this type and why different cleansing products are necessary. When the right hair care products are used, this type of hair would be transformed into healthy, beautiful, and manageable locks.

The exact reason some people have straight hair and others curly are actually controversial. In fact, top experts have different viewpoints, as shown below:

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According to some experts, the shape of the hair shaft, which is determined by the hair follicle shape, is what results in curly or straight hair. When looking at hair under a microscope, straight hair is round whereas curly hair is oval.

Then there is another group of experts that disagree, stating a genetic predisposition is responsible for hair being straight or curly.

Yet other experts feel the number of disulfide bonds between the hair shaft and proteins is what determines hair type. In this case, hair would increase in curliness as the number of links between sulphur atoms increases.

No matter the actual cause of hair being curly, the things that all experts do agree on are the common problems mentioned above. For this reason, the shampoo would need to be free from sulfate, be formulated for heavy hydration, and gentle enough to be used every other day basis. For the best results, it would be recommended on the off days of using shampoo that special formulated conditioner be used.

It is also advised that shampoo contain only organic ingredients to eliminate using harsh chemicals on hair that already struggles with dryness and brittleness.  Although there are many reasons the shampoo would be a commercial product or homemade remedy using organic ingredients but one of the most important is that chemicals used in conventional products that produce lather are avoided. Most of these are so harsh they are the same ingredients used in de-greasing car engines.

Now, along with commercial shampoos and conditioners, anyone with curly hair should consider using a weekly leave-in deep conditioner, as well as lightweight and oil-free cream or gel that would add shine and body while making curls more manageable. Getting curls under control and keeping them healthy and gorgeous is actually quite easy as long as appropriate products are used.

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Making Shampoo

In addition to buying a commercial product, the shampoo for curly hair could be something made at home, again using high quality organic ingredients. There are hundreds of recipes available online or if wanted, a person could use the right ingredients to create a new recipe. No matter the option preferred, there are important factors to consider.

  • Saponin Agents – These agents are 100% natural and associated with herbs that come from flowers, roots, fruit trees, and mineral-packed weeds. Rather than shampoo being formulated with harsh chemicals that produce lather, these agents do the same thing but without causing damage.


  • Herbs that Cleanse – Another important ingredient needed to make the best quality shampoo for curly hair is herbs that would cleanse. Another problem with commercial shampoos is that chemicals strip sebum from hair, which is oil naturally produced by the body. This oil is an essential nutrient and moisturizer but if stripped, especially with curly hair, the problem of dryness and brittleness becomes worse. However, using herbs as natural cleansers, sebum would be left intact. Some of the most beneficial cleansers that could be used are as follows:


  • Lamb’s Quarter – This weed is grown throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, which provides mild cleansing. If wanted, an individual could actually add lamb’s quarter to a home garden to have a never ending supply.


  • Papaya Leaf – Another one of the best natural ingredients becomes active when missed with warm water. Although few people grow the Paw Paw tree from which the leaves come, this plant-based material is easy to find.


  • Soap Bark Tree – Naturally containing saponin, this is also an excellent ingredient when choosing homemade shampoo. However, for the best results, the bark should be decocted not infused.


  • Soapwort – Along with being ideal as a shampoo cleanser, this weed can also be used to make a great natural body wash.


  • Yucca – Grown throughout western states, especially Mexico and Arizona, this plant has long been used as a hair treatment in one form or another by native Indians. While yucca has a long history as an ingredient to help with dandruff, hair loss, and even baldness, it is also perfect for shampoo for curly hair.