Finding the Best Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

Men and women may choose to change their hair color for a variety of reasons including covering gray or simply wanting an entirely different look. Having your hair color changed by a professional is an expensive venture but when done right, an individual’s hair would look amazing and with little to no damage. Because professional hair color comes at a high price, the last thing a person wants to experience is early fading but unfortunately, even some of the top-rated products can lose vibrancy prematurely.


Another option for changing hair color is using commercial products. Formulas available today are much more effective and safer than ever before. In fact, there are multiple products from which to choose, some containing chemicals while others only contain natural ingredients. In this case, fading color would not be so much about cost, but rather, the potential damage done to your hair by using an at-home product more frequently than advised.

One of the best methods for retaining vibrant color is by using only the best shampoos for color treated hair. Shampoos of this type are made with a special formula to help lock color into hair strands so that ultimately, an individual would enjoy richer and longer-lasting color whether having your hair professionally colored in a salon or using a product at home. Of course, to ensure only the best product is chosen, you would need to know what things to look for and what to avoid.


Good versus Bad Shampoo Components

As part of the process in choosing the best product for color treated hair, you will need to find a product specific to hair type. In other words, if a woman with dry hair had recently had her color changed to a medium brown, along with finding a shampoo for colored treated hair in the shade of brown, the shampoo would need to contain ingredients to combat the issue of dryness.

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Shampoos that are formulated to retain color and sold in stores for in-home use are better than ever before but the fact remains, these products are not designed to hold color the same as professional products will. Even so, using commercial shampoos would be better than using nothing. If wanted, an individual could visit a higher-end salon or beauty supply store where a vast array of choices for color treated shampoo would be found.

Keep in mind that price should never be a primary factor when choosing the best shampoo for color treated hair but in saying that, it is a known fact that the higher quality shampoos cost more than those of low to medium quality. Even though it might be necessary to spend more for an excellent shampoo, in exchange a person could choose a shampoo for the exact color of hair, the color would be beautifully preserved, and damage to hair would be prevented.

It would seem that the shampoo would need to be robust but actually the best quality shampoos are quite gentle. The reason is that ingredients are chosen to lock in color and even moisturize hair but without allowing new color to fade or damage hair follicles. Of course, the same shampoos would retain vibrant color of commercial hair color products, as well.

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Ingredients Matter

Ingredients found even in these types of shampoo could be both good and bad. As a consumer, the best thing a person can do is become educated about ingredients used and the way they affect hair and color, both good and bad.  Even some of the most reputable brands of shampoos could contain harmful ingredients, so while brand is important, it is not the deciding factor when choosing the best quality shampoo for color treated hair.

  • Rather than detergents to remove dirt and debris from hair, the shampoo for color treated hair would be made with soap. With this, all the bad stuff would be eliminated but without natural oils being stripped.
  • Because both professional and in-home color can cause dryness, it would be important for any colored treated shampoo to contain a high quality moisturizer but not in the form of solvents.
  • Most shampoos made for colored hair have ingredients that add shine. Unfortunately, most of the chemicals used to accomplish this are quite harmful. Quality shampoos would contain sodium myreth or tricedeth, which are types of gentle sulfates, or perhaps citric acid would be used for vibrancy and shine.
  • One of the most important of all shampoo components made for color treated hair is pH level. The goal is to purchase shampoo with low pH in that products with a high pH level would strip color from hair.
  • Avoid – Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and Ammonium Laureth Sulfate in that they strip color from hair follicles. As a result, color would fade with each shampoo even when permanent color had been used.