Dry shampoo

With so many options available with shampoos, how is someone supposed to find the right one? If you find yourself asking this question, a good place to start is your hair type, and it’s texture. What you want done to your hair is another key point to finding the right shampoo for you.


Hair Type and Texture


If you have hair that is either thin or fine, you want to look for a shampoo that is going to be lightweight, add thickness or volume. These will help add in texture, as well as reinforce your hair. Some shampoo’s will also give a relaxing scent such as lavender oil, rosemary, and even lemongrass.


Shampoo that contains nettle root can also offer health benefits as it can reduce the DHT levels, this is the hormone that causes people to loss their hair. If you’re looking for this type of shampoo, Plump ‘N Thick by Nick Chavez is a great option to go with.


Normal or Medium Hair Types


If your hair is either normal or medium, then you can consider yourself among the lucky group who has balanced hair. Just about anything will work with this hair type. By retaining moisture in your hair you can create a soft and shiny hair type which is also manageable.


You want to try shampoo’s such as the Blow Make My Day or GK Hair Balancing shampoo’s. These products won’t strip your hair, but gets it nice and clean using white tea, protein and vitamins.


Wavy or Curly Hair


If you want to maintain curls, moisture is the best way to go. Waves and curls require hydration in order to keep the hair tame, but the amount needs to be balanced. The hydration works to give more elasticity and softness to your hair. Shampoo’s such as the Ouidad Clear & Gentle Essential shampoo or the Slip Sudsy. These types of shampoo’s don’t contain any silicone which can be harmful when it comes to retaining moisture.


Curly, Kinky and Coarse Hair


Sometimes this type of hair can only be done according to special directions. You will want products that contain glycerin, shea butter or panthenol as these will all give your hair the moisture it needs. Some shampoo’s with the nourishment includes Creme de la Curl cream shampoo by Miss Jessie. It cleans while preventing the stripping of hair.


Thick Hair


If you are like many, you have a head full of hair and it is thick and seems to be unmanageable. Frizz kicks in and all. In order to treat thick hair, you want to look at DevaCare’s No Poo Cleanser, or the Essential Shea shampoos.



Three of the best dry shampoos

Dry shampoo is intended to help keep your hair fresh and clean looking when there’s no time to shampoo it with water. It will give your hair an appearance of volume, as well as being clean. There are some dry shampoos that come in a spray and others in a powder form. It’s great to have a back-up plan for taking care of your hair, for example in the winter when there’s an ice storm and your water freezes up.

A lot of people use dry shampoos simply because it makes their hair look thicker with the volume it gives it. Dry shampoos work by soaking up the oils that’s in your hair, now that is exactly what a good shampoo should be doing. Believe it or not all dry shampoos are not the same and far from being equal.

#1. Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

What’s so Great about Dry Shampoo?

To start with, this is a wonderful product. It is the Best Dry Shampoo out that works well with all hair types. This dry shampoo has the ability you are looking for in a dry shampoo. It’s great for holding your hair up in between those regular wash days.

You’ll find that it does the job of removing any grime and oils from your hair leaving the roots with a clean look. Just one bottle of this dry shampoo will last a while so it also benefits you by lasting longer.

The cost is $4.74 and it can purchase it @TotalBeauty.com.


#2. Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo

What is it that makes Dove such a wonderful product?

It is a cost efficient product that works. It is quick to use and needs no water so you can uses it anywhere. It is working to remove all the grime, oils, and other gunk that has built up in your hair. It is going to leave your hair looking fresh and clean, and smelling great and it does not leave that sticky feeling in your hair afterward.

Dove Refresh Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo only costs $4.89 and it can be purchased @TotalBeauty.com.


#3. Best dry shampoo “Umberto Beverly Hills Dry Clean Dry Shampoo”.

Why is “Umberto Dry Shampoo So Great?

It allows you to make your hair look fresh and clean with volume and still look healthy in only a matter of minutes. It’s great for any type of hair, even very fine hair. Such an easy way to keep your hair attractive looking in between washes.

“Umberto Beverly Hills Dry Clean Dry Shampoo” can be purchased for the cost of $9.99 @ TotalBeauty.com.