About Us

What can I say, I love my hair.  Some say I’m obsessed with it but hey, I see nothing wrong with that.  Usually the first thing someone will notice about you is your smile, after that it’s your hair.  Nothing says glamor like beautiful, shiny, healthy and happy hair!

I’ve created this website to that you can get the knowledge I have in seconds.  I love shampooing my hair and consider myself a bit of an expert in knowing all about the different shampoo types.

Best shampoo for hair type

Best shampoo for oily hair
Best shampoo for dry hair
best shampoo for thinning hair
Best Shampoo for Color Treated Hair
Best Organic Shampoo
Best Volumizing Shampoo
Best shampoo for curly hair
Best clarifying shampoo
Best dry shampoo
Best shampoo for fine hair
Best shampoo for hair loss